Episode (Page 4)

Episode (Page 4)

What In The World Is God Doing – Episode 2

Jason and Abby Torgeson Jason and Abby Torgeson are Regional Connectors for the Church of God in Latin America. They share about how COVID is impacting the Church in Latin American and the ways it is being strengthened through it.

Hurt By The Church – Week 2

Ever quit going to church because someone hurt your feelings? Ever leave one church and go to another because of personal feelings. We invite you to join us for our new series “Hurt By The Church” as we acknowledge hurts and seek healing in Jesus name.

Seven Letters To The Seven Churches Week 1

In this 7-session series and church-wide Community Group study, you will examine Jesus’ letters to the seven churches. As we read these letters, which are recorded in the Book of Revelation, we will look at the implications for each church, as well as how Christ’s message also speaks to the Church today.