Heart for Lebanon

Join Pastor Darren and Tanner Christensen as they discuss the Gospel impact of a recent trip serving with Heart for Lebanon.


Join Pastor Darren and Highland Park Mission Board Chair, Lori Nicholas, as they discuss the exciting vision developing in our partnership with Nicaragua.

Good Council

Have you ever wondered what the counselor at your son/daughter’s school knows that you don’t? On this podcast Pastor Harold interviews 14 year NCSD school counselor Stephanie Harrison to learn just that. Learn what influences, opportunities, and obstacles are present in your child’s education.

Crisis and Hope in Ukraine

Patrick and Jamie Nachtigall, Church of God missionaries to Europe, share the challenges and opportunities facing the Church in the midst of the ongoing war in Ukraine.

True Care Women’s Resource Center

Darren speaks with Jessica Baxter, True Care’s new president and CEO. In this podcast, Jessica shares a moving vision for the sanctity of life which encompasses the whole person through every stage and age of their life.

A Theology of Work and Chores

Work is not a curse. It’s a reality, and it can even be worship! Join Pastors Amy and Darren Adwalpalker for a theological and practical discussion about training children to be vital, contributing family members according to their age and stage.

Authoritative Parenting

What is “authoritative” parenting? How does it differ from other styles of parenting such as authoritarian, permissive, and neglectful parenting? Join Pastor Amy and Healing Place Counselor Cari Rothenhoefer (LCSW) for a discussion about how to create a climate of responsiveness to our children while maintaining clear expectations.

Heart for Lebanon

Camille Melki shares the story of how Heart for Lebanon began and the how they are serving Christ courageously amidst so many crises in their country.

Discover(AD) with Nick Greenwood.

Nick is a missionary with NOVO who has developed a process called Discover(AD) which helps people get clear on their identity in Christ and the unique ways they can impact others and see Christ glorified in whole neighborhoods and networks of new disciples.

Feed Nicaragua

Pastor Darren speaks with the NICE Foundation coordinator in Nicaragua, Tony Picado about the challenges of ministry in that country as well as the way the food Highland Park packs through Feed Nicaragua impacts lives with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Tips, Tricks, and Hacks to make today count for your family

Parents are gifts to their children and need to know they are succeeding at loving and equipping them. Being strategic and intentional in parenting is one way to ensure your success. Today we offer some tips, tricks and hacks to add to your strategy that we are sure you will find useful.