Heart for Lebanon

Camille Melki shares about how Heart for Lebanon is serving with courage amidst the ongoing crisis in the Middle East.

Unaccompanied Students Initiative (USI)

Join Pastor Darren as he talks with the directors of the Unaccompanied Students Initiative about the work they are doing in empowering the homeless teens of Casper and how you can help.

Rescue America

Join Darren and Rescue America founder and CEO, Allison Madrigal, as they discuss how Rescue America rescues, revives and empowers the sexually exploited and how you can be part of God’s redemptive solution for those being trafficked

Children of Promise

Join Darren and Kyle Hayes as they talk about about how Children of Promise makes wholeness possible for children living in extreme poverty around the world.

Making Disciples with Campus Ventures

Join us for a conversation with three missionaries at Casper College through Campus Ventures as they share what they’ve learned about discipleship and how we can take steps to make disciples in our everyday lives. Donate Resources

Jesus Conversations Along the Camino de Santiago

Join Pastor Darren and Kyree Chambers along with missionary Randy Gonzales as they discuss the lessons learned leading a Go Team to Spain and how the intentionality in having Jesus Conversations there can become a part of our everyday lives. For more information or to learn about how you can do the Camino, check out Randy’s page: https://gonzosnetjnk012.wixsite.com/caminotrek

Crisis in the Middle East

In the midst of the violence breaking out between Israel and Gaza, Elio Constantine shares how Heart for Lebanon has responded to crises in the region since the organization began in 2006 and how they are currently providing humanitarian aid and a Gospel witness to those in greatest need.

Faith Promise Review (’22)/ Preview (’23)

Pastor Darren talks with Highland Park Missions Board Chairperson, Lori Nicholas, about the exciting things accomplished in 2022 through Faith Promise giving and what’s ahead for 2023.

Heart for Lebanon

Join Pastor Darren and Tanner Christensen as they discuss the Gospel impact of a recent trip serving with Heart for Lebanon.


Join Pastor Darren and Highland Park Mission Board Chair, Lori Nicholas, as they discuss the exciting vision developing in our partnership with Nicaragua.

Good Council

Have you ever wondered what the counselor at your son/daughter’s school knows that you don’t? On this podcast Pastor Harold interviews 14 year NCSD school counselor Stephanie Harrison to learn just that. Learn what influences, opportunities, and obstacles are present in your child’s education.

Crisis and Hope in Ukraine

Patrick and Jamie Nachtigall, Church of God missionaries to Europe, share the challenges and opportunities facing the Church in the midst of the ongoing war in Ukraine.