HPCC Boards

Highland Park Community Church

There are four governing boards at HPCC per the church bylaws.  In addition, there is the HPCC Foundation.



Walt Baker (’21*) (Trustees Chair)
Bart Stricklin (’21) (Missions Chair)
Pastor Mike Fackler (Lead Pastor)
Bryan Chadderdon (’22*)
Reed Rudkin (’22*) Vice-Chair
Paul Fritzler (’20*)
Ken Dockweiler (’20*) Chair
Cathy Carson (’21)
Cam Corbett (’21*) Secretary
Bruce Russell (’21*)
Josh Perry (’22*)
Julie Strayer (’22*) (Finance Chair)

*End of 2nd Term


Walt Baker (’21*) (Chair)
Viktor Strayer (’20*) (Vice-Chair)
Joe Corbett (’20) (Secretary)
Jeremiah Unterseher (’20)
Ken Smith (’21)
Kent Jones (’22)
Shawn Dickerson (’22)
Jesse Florquist (’22*)
Bob Lemmon (ex-officio)


Lauren McDaniel (’20) Secretary
Craig White (’20*)
Marcia Carrell (’20)
Lynne Horne (’21 *)
Laura Smothers (’22)
Bob Carpenter (’22*)
Kayleigh Clark (’22*)
Bart Stricklin (’21) Chair
Darren Adwalpalker Go Pastor


Wilma Marshall (2020*)
Troy Pierantoni (2020) Secretary
Brandy Loe (2020)
Corie Perry (2021)
Maureen Tenney (2021)
David Sechrist (2022) Vice-Chair
Julie Strayer (2022*) Chair
Chimene Czellecz (2022)
Leslie Bromley-Treasurer



Ken Dockweiler, Chair BSL
Mike Fackler, Lead Pastor
Kevin Bromley (21)
Paul Wilhelm (’20*)
Cam Corbett, Secretary BSL


Board Of Servant Leaders

The Board of Servant Leaders or BSL is constituted by thirteen Association members.  The chairperson from each of the other three boards and the Lead Pastor shall serve on the BSL by virtue of their office.  The other names for this board and all boards come from the nominating committee.  The Board of Servant Leaders shall be the spiritual leader of the church and all other areas of church business, except those specifically designated to other boards by the bylaws.  They govern all boards, committees, ministries, and activities of the church.  The BSL shall be responsible to the Congregation.  The BSL appoints a Pastoral Search Committee when needed.

Board Of Missions

The Board of Missions is composed of nine voting members; eight are from the congregation and the Go Pastor is the ninth ex-officio member with voting privileges.  They promote and educate the church about missions.  They prepare the Faith Promise annual budget for ratification by the Board of Servant Leaders.  In addition, they approve monthly faith promise distributions, provide ongoing ministry to our partners on and off the mission fields, and provide short term and long term mission experiences to the congregation.

Board Of Trustees

The Board of Trustees has nine voting members; eight are from the congregation and the facility manager is the ninth ex-officio member with voting privileges.  This board is responsible for all transactions related to any church property inside or outside the building as well as church vehicles.  They oversee capital improvements, maintenance, repairs, and any leasing, purchasing, or selling of church properties.

Board Of Finance

The Board of Finance is comprised of nine members; eight ratified by the Association (Congregation) with the Business Manager/Treasurer being the ninth ex-officio member with voting privileges.  The finance board administers the annual budget for presentation to the Board of Servant Leaders and to the Association.  Each week a board member assures that two authorized individuals count the offering with one of the people being a board member.

The Foundation Board

The Foundation acts as a trustee to receive and administer gifts for the benefit of Highland Park Community Church within the guidelines provided within the Foundation Articles of Trust.  There are five directors comprised of the Lead Pastor, the Chairperson of the Board of Servant Leaders, the secretary of the BSL, and two at-large directors from the HPCC Association (Congregation).  They serve two-year terms.