Encouraging one another to grow in spiritual maturity and experience life transformation through God’s Word, prayer, and mutual accountability.

Groups help a big church feel small.

Jen Chadderdon

Jen Chadderdon

Groups Pastor

Lynette Soehn

Lynette Soehn

Groups Assistant

Getting connected to a  Group is easier than ever before!
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Community Groups FAQ’S

Joining a group can be intimidating. We hope this information makes things easier. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

When and where do Groups meet?

We have Groups throughout Natrona County. Groups meet Sunday through Saturday; daytime and evenings. All of our groups meet in group members’ homes, in local businesses, or at our church on Wednesday when there are kids and youth programming.

How long do Groups meet?

Typically, a Group will commit to meet once a week for 7-8 months. Summers are apart of our natural rhythm of rest so we follow a much more relaxed schedule in June, July and August. Groups may only meet 2-3 times in the summer for picnics, concerts, etc.

What is your process for connecting to a Group?

The primary way we connect people into groups is through online registration and by filling out our connect card. This is where you can tell us a little more about yourself and your family and learn more about your next steps at HPCC. 

Can I bring my kids?

Most groups (that include families with children) have a childcare plan. Some groups provide babysitters while others meet at the church during times that Kidz Ministry programming is available.

Are there Groups that are organized by life stage or interest area?

All Groups are designed to include all ages, men and women, married couples, and singles.  Being apart of our group geared toward OnRamping you into Group Life is the absolute best way to ensure that you are connected to the right people at this particular place in your journey. Be sure to communicate with our team and let us know what stage of life you are in and what interests you the most. 

Can I try out several Groups and pick the one I like best?

We want everyone to feel comfortable in their Group. If you attend a group and feel, for whatever reason, that it is not a “good fit” for you, we will find another group for you to try. There is a group for you!

What do Groups talk about?

Our groups follow along with the preached Sunday message. Group guides will be provided via the HPCC App each week. We also provide access to Right Now Media for a variety of other studies that may interest your group.