Jesus Conversations

Jesus Conversations

We want to love like Jesus so HPCC is on a mission to have 50,000 Jesus Conversations!

What is a Jesus Conversation?  A Jesus Conversation is simply CARING, SHARING, and PRAYING for another person.  We CARE by listening and helping, we SHARE what Jesus has done for us, and we PRAY for that person. 

Check out these 2 examples of a Jesus Conversation

My husband and I went to Mexico for a vacation to celebrate our 30th anniversary.  We made friends with two guys, John and Jeremy, who were “married”.  We ran into them many times throughout the week and I could see that they were drawn to us.  They made a point to talk to us whenever we were near.  One evening while hanging out in the front atrium of the resort, I struck up a conversation with John and asked him about his personal life.  While in conversation, I felt a strong pulling from the Holy Spirit to tell him that Jesus loved him.  

I said, “John, I need to tell you something.  Jesus loves you.”  

He looked at me and said, “You are so sweet.”  

I could feel the Holy Spirit telling me that John really needed to know that Jesus loves him.  He needed to understand that this was not me talking.  So I told him several times, “John,  Jesus REALLY wants you to know He loves you” as the tears welled up in my eyes.  

I could tell that John hadn’t fully received the message I was giving him.  But I know that I definitely planted a seed that will not go void.  I know that my job is to pray for his salvation and let Jesus do the rest. 

Pastor Mike has a vision for HPCC to write its own 365-day devotional that will encourage others to have their own Jesus Conversations. 

Just think how quickly we can spread the love of Jesus to the Casper community and beyond if we all begin making Jesus Conversations a normal part of our daily lives!  

If you would like to take part in the endeavor to encourage others by sharing your Jesus Conversation in a devotional, please do so below:

Jesus Conversations