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Kids don’t come with manuals. Your children look to you, but who do you look to for support? Our goal at Raising Parents is to support you in the important mission of parenting. Often, we feel unequipped for the task of parenthood. Our children are constantly growing, and everyday holds new challenges and opportunities. We believe that informed and transformed parents positively impact their children’s lives. Informed by social science and Christian faith, the Raising Parents Podcast is a practical resource to equip and encourage parents. Parents are the most important influence in the development of their children. That’s why it’s critical we keep “growing in every way more and more like Christ” (Eph. 4:15). The Raising Parents Podcast is a ministry of Highland Park Community Church, Casper, Wyoming.

Defining Your Family’s Unique Values

Defining Your Family’s Unique Values What do you value most? Are you living those values out in your family? Get clear on what you believe your family is uniquely called to and courageously prioritize these activities, letting the rest go! Live in such a way that your values show up in the lives of your kids.

Support for the Journey of Parenting

Get to know your hosts, Pastor Harold, a licensed marriage and family therapist, and Pastor Amy, a mom & educator. Laugh with them about the growth that parenting has brought and catch a glimpse of how your journey as a parent can be enriched, benefiting your whole family.
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