What is Parent Cue?

Enjoy Your Time With Your Kid.

It's a way you as parents can connect with your kids spiritually through the month! Cues give you a way to share, offer some encouragement, stay aware of your children's activities and series at church, and suggestions for activities that mesh with what your kids are learning.

Parent Cue Options

There are different Parent Cues available for each age group of your children:


HP Preschool Parent Cues give you the month's basic truth, bottom line, memory verse, weekly stories, and practical ideas to make the most of everyday moments to instill faith and character in your younger child(ren). Based on Deuteronomy 6:5-7, the Parent Cue emphasizes times in the rhythm of your life (e.g. meal time, bath time, cuddle time, play time, drive time, and hang time).


HP Kids Parent Cues give you the same tools as the Preschool Parent Cue, but are specifically geared toward your elementary aged children.


HP Parent Cues are ways you can connect with your middle and high school students spiritually that mesh with what they're learning at Highland Park. We also suggest you sign up for REMIND. We send texts with Student event info, updates, insights, and trip timelines. See below for more info!

How To Receive Parent Cues

We've got a couple of options to help you stay up-to-date with new Parent Cues each month:

  • Receive A Monthly E-Mail:

    The Parent Cue goes out on the first Monday of the month and contains a link to every age group from Infant to High School so that as a parent, you’ll only receive one email. It's easy, free, and online. Just sign up below.

  • Install the Parent Cue App:

    Rethink Inc. has a heart for helping parents with resources, and they’ve created a supplement to go along with our Parent Cues. The Parent Cue App is more Phase-focused, seeking to resource as you seek to spiritually navigate life with your child in the Phase they’re in (Littles, Preschool, Elementary, Middle, High). When you sign up, you’re able to be specific about the Phase and grade of your child(ren) which will connect you to the information best for you. You’ll find encouragement, talk points, and things to do with your student or child that will enhance the suggestions and ideas in the Highland Park Parent Cue.

    The app costs $1.99. Just click below to get the App for your device:

    Parent CUE at the Apple App Store Parent CUE at the Google App Store

  • Social Media:

    Follow HPCC KIDS to receive encouragement, inspiration, ministry updates & event recaps!




  • Remind:

    Remind is just what it sounds like! We have the ability to send texts with event info, updates, insights, and trip timelines. If you're interested in receiving ministry or grade-specific texts, you can do that! And don't worry; we'll only get in touch with the important stuff! Sign up below.

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