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$277,019                                                                              $480,000

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What Is Faith Promise?



2021/2022 Mission Budget $480,000

Faith Promise Local and Global Focus: $144,265

Our local missions focus this year is a continued partnership with the Unaccompanied Students Initiative (USI) to provide housing for homeless teenagers.
Globally, we are focusing on helping Heart for Lebanon expand their HOPE program for children (Helping Overcome Poverty through Education) from 300 to an additional 150 children who are vulnerable to trafficking and radicalization.


Wyoming Rescue Mission

Horizon International

India Gospel League

Heart For Lebanon

NiCE Foundation, Nicaragua

NOVO Spain

True Care

Campus Ventures Casper College



Feed Nicaragua

Love Your City

Haven On The Rock

Youth For Christ

Other Holy Spirit Led Giving

Mission Trips


South Africa

And More

Equipment & Education

Faith Promise Testimonies

I wrote down a Faith Promise amount, yet didn’t think much of it for months. As Faith Promise was coming to an end for the year, I knew I’d be getting a tax return, I nearly jokingly prayed, “Well, God, if my tax return is what I pledged…I’ll give it all to Faith Promise.” My tax return was the EXACT amount I had pledged. God showed up, just like He always does. 


The first time I started giving I was sitting in the audience during Faith Promise. I felt the need to give everything I had in my wallet. When I put in all my cash, I realized I had one blank check in my wallet left. With that check, I zeroed out my bank account. Within a year, God blessed me with a job, a home, a vehicle, and even random money coming my way. I didn’t give to get back, but God has blessed me in ways I never could have imagined.


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