Family Ministry

“Empower families to thrive through God’s love”

God values marriage and He values families. At HPCC, Family Ministry exists to “Empower families to thrive through God’s love”. If you are an individual or couple considering future marriage, we offer insight and support. For couples that are hurting and in need we come alongside with strength. And for families seeking to navigate the complexities of parenting, we offer education and experience. If you would like to take advantage of any of the resources or have questions regarding the opportunities we provide, we invite you to scroll below and view the current offerings. We look forward to supporting God’s best for you and your family.

Harold Bradshaw

Family Ministry Pastor


Congratulations! Of all the people in the world, the two of you have chosen each other for marriage. Are you ready for this amazing adventure? Is anyone ever? We at HPCC Family Ministry would like to help. Years of experience, abundant resources, and people who love marriage are available to you. We believe that God has ordained marriage as the best earthly illustration of a right relationship with Him. A marriage centered in Christ operating in love shall never fail. Let’s plan and prepare to thrive in marriage through God’s love.

Marriage Enrichment

Enrich (verb): to add greater value or significance too; to make finer in quality, as by supplying desirable elements or ingredients. A marriage that is thriving through God’s love experiences enrichment. Our hope is to support couples looking for those desirable elements or ingredients that will support them in having God’s best for their marriage. In an enriched marriage communication brings insight, conflict becomes an opportunity, and intimacy fosters indescribable oneness. Be intentional for enrichment and experience the wealth of a God-centered marriage.


The moment you met your child everything changed. Time began to move quicker, one question led to a myriad of others and then came the inescapable truth that your life was no longer your own. You are blessed beyond measure with the privilege of being a mother or father. We at Family Ministry are here to help you thrive as a parent. No two children are the same and this diversity is both challenging and rewarding.  God has set the example for parenting and we will use His example to lovingly parent our own children.

Current Family Ministry Offerings

New Class Coming Soon

DivorceCare is a friendly, caring group of people who will walk alongside you through one of life’s most difficult experiences. Don’t go through separation or divorce alone.



New Class Coming Soon

Through common-sense principles and small-group accountability, Financial Peace University (FPU) gives people the tools they need to change their behavior and succeed financially. More than 4.5 million people across the country have participated in Financial Peace University.

New Class Coming Soon

It takes two individuals to become one flesh. Only when you and your mate know and respect each other's needs, choices, and freedom can you give yourselves freely and lovingly to one another. Boundaries in Marriage gives you the tools you need.


April 6, 2019

Join us for our next Married People Fun Night! This evening will be filled with fun, games, food, snacks and a short message.  Click below to register.


Ongoing Family Ministry Offerings

March  10th - 10:45

Parent Coffee talks are a time of fellowship, great discussion and learning! Join with us as we partner together to be a positive influence in the lives of our kids. Enjoy some great coffee and come to discuss a different topic each month. Our Parent Coffee Talks are the second Sunday of each month, during our second service at 10:45am, in the Kids Ministry Lounge.



FOCCUS is a nonprofit organization dedicated to building, promoting and enhancing healthy relationships by offering resources and training that "Facilitate Open, Couple, Communication, Understanding and Study." FOCCUS, Inc. USA offers materials that are research-based, affordable, and user-friendly for both professionals and trained volunteers.

Family Ministry Resources

At Highland Park, we believe God designed the family as the primary context for faith formation. The Highland Park Family Ministry exists to“Empower families to thrive through God’s love” The Family Resource Center offers practical ideas and inspirational materials to help bring faith into the home. These resources include recommended books, DVDs, and printed materials related to specific seasons and circumstances of family life.  For more information about the Family Resource Center contact Harold Bradshaw, our Family Ministry Pastor.

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